Jeuneora Renew+® Marine Collagen Super Powder 300g

Renew+ has got your back when it comes to supporting the health and appearance of your hair, skin and nails thanks to our highly bioavailable, premium Marine Collagen Peptides. Our unique formulation also includes Zeolite (Volcanic Detox), Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Bromelain to support your immunity, gut health and body detox.

Oh, and did we mention it tastes seriously delicious? It comes in four flavours – Watermelon, Mixed Berry, Mango and Pineapple.

Why supplement with Marine Collagen?

Collagen decreases as we age meaning our hair and nails become weaker, our skin becomes thinner and drier and also starts to sag and wrinkle. Adding a Marine Collagen Peptides supplement to your diet can help slow down the ageing process and give you that Jeuneora glow that everyone raves about!

The Marine Collagen in our products has been scientifically researched to be effective in doses as low as 2500mg due to its optimum molecular size and high bioavailability. This means it’s more easily absorbed by your body, so you need less of it to get the job done!

Other important stuff:

  • Sustainably-sourced Marine Collagen
  • Free from fillers, binders and additives
  • Packed in I’m Green™ Pottles made from 100% Sugarcane Plastic
  • 100% recyclable through our Terracycle Recycling Programme
  • 30 Servings