Louise completed her Bachelor of Nursing in 2009, completing her post-graduate studies with Christchurch hospital, specialising in acute and spinal rehabilitation. Louise went on to work as a Practice Nurse in Christchurch, with a focus on primary health care, wound care, children’s and women’s health.

Louise worked at KM Surgical, Dermatology and Appearance Medicine practice for 3 years, and as the clinical nurse manager for 1 year. Louise then transitioned to Auckland to continue her work in appearance medicine at the Skin Institute in Takapuna for 2 years. Louise has over 5 years experience as a cosmetic and practice nurse, working in the medical cosmetic and dermatology field.

Louise is passionate about skin health, and helping her clients feel confident, refreshed and rejuvenated. Louise was drawn to the industry through her interest to help educate people about their skin, promote self confidence and implement treatments to achieve natural harmonious results, using the safest techniques. 

Louise conducts thorough facial assessment and individualised treatment plans that are tailored to each individual client and their skin concerns. She will work alongside you in your journey to feeling and looking great. 

Throughout her career Louise has performed and educated fellow nurses in advanced skin treatments, cosmetic injectables, and light based treatments. She ensures her professional standards are maintained through attendance of national and international cosmetic workshops, conferences and seminars, ensuring she is at the forefront of the latest techniques, treatments and safety guidelines. 

Louise will work along side you in your journey to skin health, from ageing gracefully, to enhancing your individual features, softening life-lines or educating you how to best care for your skin, you will be on your way to a beautiful, healthy complexion that you can feel confident about.