Daily skin care is essential for optimal skin health. Everyone’s skin is unique, that’s why when using clinical grade skin care, it is important to have a thorough skin assessment to ensure a customised regimen that delivers healthy, beautiful, younger looking skin, specific to your needs.

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At Louise Highet Aesthetics, I view medical grade skin care as a crucial component of maintaining optimum skin health. Our skin is affected by a multitude of internal and external factors, that contribute to signs of aging, fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, inflammation, loss of elasticity, dehydration, and many more. Through topical vitamin replacement & antioxidant delivery, the signs of aging can be diminished, and prevented, allowing the skin to repair itself, carry out vital cellular functions, and create healthy, bright, luminous skin.

I work with clinical grade skin care, this means that products containing these essential vitamins must be at significant doses, and have effective delivery systems to penetrate the skin. The high dose of active ingredients in these products can cause temporary responses such as transient redness, micro-flaking, or dryness, which is why these products need to be prescribed correctly.

Measurable change will not be seen with over the counter products, as the quantity & quality of active ingredient is often minimal, which will have very little effect within the skin. Varying levels of vitamins and nutrients are required for certain skin conditions, and often require a cocktail of products, or a progressive approach when aiming for optimum results.

In clinic, I work with PCA SKIN, ASPECT DR, SKIN BETTER SCIENCE, COSMEDIX & COSMEDIX ELITE & ZO OBAGI. All of these products use clinically backed research to develop effective products that work at a cellular level. Respect for human health, the environment and animals is maintained throughout the whole formulation of these products. Prior to any in-clinic skin treatments, I recommend investing in a tailored skincare program for at least 4 weeks, to ensure the skin is functioning effectively to achieve optimum results that are maintained and to reduce the risk of side effects.

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