Belkyra® The Treatment For A Double Chin

Belkyra® is the only FDA approved injectable treatment to improve the appearance of mild to moderate fullness of the chin, and to contour jawline. Whether your double chin is a result of weight gain, genetics or ageing, often sub-mental fullness cannot be removed with diet or exercise. Belkyra works by dissolving the outer layer of the fat cells, releasing the fat, which is then removed by the bodies repair systems and excreted. Belkyra® consists of a synthetic form of Deoxycholic Acid, that mimics the naturally occurring Deoxycholic Acid found within the body (a form of bile acid found in the intestine that breaks up fat).

Treatment duration is around 60 minutes, a series of injections are placed in the carefully marked area, comfort is increased with the use of ice and injected local anaesthetic. Swelling and inflammation is an expected outcome post treatment, this is visible immediately, and will continue to increase over the following few days. Swelling can remain for up to 14 days post treatment. Swelling in the area is actually a good thing, it is a sign the treatment is working, and the more inflammation present, the more the bodies healing processes are stimulated.

The average number of treatments required is 2-6 depending on the degree of sub-mental fullness and desired outcomes. You will not receive a result from one treatment, and your first treatment purchase includes 2 treatments that are recommended to be performed at 6-8 week intervals. Results are typically seen 4-8 weeks after the second treatment.

The cost of Belkyra is $2500, this is for 2 treatments, which is the minimum number of treatments required, subsequent treatments cost $1400.

The most common side effects associated with Belkyra® include: pain at the injection site, swelling, bruising, numbness, redness, tingling, formation of small areas of hardness, warmth and discolouration, and itching around the treatment area.

After treatment you can typically return to your normal day, however it is recommended to avoid excessive exercise, make up application and excessive alcohol, most clients opt to go home to relax after this treatment.

An initial consultation is required to determine suitability, and to discuss further possible risks and side effects. Pregnant and breast feeding women are not suitable for Belkyra® treatment.

You are suitable for treatment if you are:

  • 18 years and over.
  • You eat well and exercise, but are unable to lose the fat under the chin.
  • You have unwanted fullness around the chin and jaw area, that makes you look heavier than you are.
  • You have good skin tone in this area, patient’s with loose or lax skin are not suitable for this treatment.
  • You are concerned or self conscious about the appearance of a double chin.
  • You would not consider surgery.

An Initial Consultation to discuss Belkyra® is $50, Belkyra® provides a non-invasive option to permanently reduce the fat pad under the chin to give a more contoured profile, once the fat cells have been destroyed, they are unable to store fat again, resulting in a long-term improvement, that carries fewer severe risks associated with liposuction or surgery. Results are cumulative, which can take several months to become evident. As with any treatment, individual response & results can vary.

Louise Highet