A powerful antioxidant and peptide serum, formulated with Vitamin C to help firm the surface of skin and promote elasticity for a radiant complexion.•  Hydrating serum filled with antioxidants that reduces flushing and help to reveal a glowing complexion.

Non irritating oil soluble form of Vitamin C - ph neutral, suitable for all skin types. Aspect Dr Active C Serum will improve your skin tone, texture and firmness. 

Ideal for cosmetic management of:

- Sun damaged skin

- Uneven skin colour

- Wrinkles & laxity

- Impaired barrier function

- Dull, lifeless skin


Key benefits:

- Antioxidant protection

- Brightening

- Hydrating

- Calming


Key ingredients:

- Oil soluble Vitamin C

- Canadian Willowherb

- Pepha - Tight


Suitable for:

All skin types, especially sensitive skin



Apply a small pump of serum onto skin in the morning. Could possibly use at night for extra hydration.