Botox for Facial Slimming & Teeth Grinding

Bruxism is defined as the unconscious clenching of the jaw muscles (Masseters) which comprise of three layers , superficial, middle and deep. This can be, and often is an unconscious habit, and can be exacerbated during times of stress, tension or fatigue. Bruxism can result in grinding or clenching of the teeth, tension headaches, disturbed sleep and dental problems.  There are also disorders associated with the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) that attaches the jaw bone to the skull, it works like a sliding hinge, and for some people can cause concerns such as lock jaw, aching or pain and difficulty chewing.

This can be a result of your genetic bone formation, a misaligned bite, or teeth grinding, favouring one side to chew your food, and even sleeping on one side.

Actions from TMJ disorders, or Bruxism can result in the muscles in the jaw becoming “unbalanced” with one side shrinking, and the other becoming overactive.

Botulinum treatment not only reduces these symptoms, but has also been found to stop this troubling unconscious habit altogether, over the series of a few injections.

Botox® can also be used to slim & shape the lower face, this is done through treating the hyperactive muscles in the jaw, the same responsible for teeth grinding or clenching. The shape of the lower face is heavily effected by bony changes, the loss of teeth and a misaligned jaw or bite. Results for facial slimming can be seen around 6 weeks after treatment. This is ideal for patients who are seeking a more oval shaped face, assisting with contouring, and achieving a slimming effect of the lower face. As we age, the shape of the face changes, it moves from an aesthetically pleasing inverted triangular shape, to a square shape, which can allude to an aged appearance, this treatment gives the client a more youthful look

This treatment is ideal for:

  • A square-shaped jawline
  • A jawline that is more masculine in nature
  • Full or chubby cheeks
  • Clients that seek a “slimmer” face
  • Those who want to reduce involuntary teeth grinding, or tension headaches.
  • TMJ Disorders with symptoms of pain, lock jaw, difficulty chewing, teeth clenching/grinding.

Injections are placed directly into the Masseter muscle to reduce the muscle strength, making it an “effort” for you to clench and grind, which results in stopping the habit completely – over time. The reduction of strength in this muscle results in a softening of muscle “bulk” which in turn has a contouring effect of the lower face.

Treatment is required every 4-6 months, after several treatments some clients see 8-10 months from this treatment, results are cumulative, which means the muscles will start to become progressively softer, resulting in the effects of treatment lasting longer. The reduction in the effects of clenching and grinding can be felt within 4-6 weeks, it takes longer to feel the effects than when botox is used for wrinkles.

Post treatment there is a possibility of slight bruising and redness at the injection site, this resolves within a few days. The injections are well tolerated, and you can return to your normal activities after treatment.

The amount required varies from person to person and depends on the muscle mass in your jaw. Some patients require as little as 10 units per side to get a good result, others require up to 25 units or more. Each client will need to be assessed to be able to give an accurate estimate.

For further information, please get in touch [email protected] to schedule a consultation to discuss whether this treatment is right for you.

Louise Highet